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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 8, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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beltway through southeast, alexandria and i-95. that is by far the heaviest of the rain. this is still the rain that has moved through that caused a lot of flooding and a lot of flash flood warnings. i'm just circling this so you can see where we still have this heavy rain band. the reds, the oranges, no severe thunderstorm warnings right now. we did have a few, but they have since expired. we can still have that potential for some severe weather with these storms. over to true view to show you the track the last two hours and how quickly, thank goodness, that they are moving. they continue to move to the east and northeast. that's a good thing. we don't want these heavy rains to stick around for very long. they just reissued some severe thunderstorm warnings. fauquier county will go until 5:45 p.m. prince william county, 5:45 p.m. all going until 5:45 p.m. everybody is under a severe
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thunderstorm watch. that will go until 9:00. everybody is also under a flash flood watch. that will go until 2:00 a.m. and some of the counties right now still under a flash flood warning. montgomery until 6:30. howard until 6:30. frederick county, you're still under a flash flood warning until 6:30 as is carol and as is washington county. speaking of frederick county, storms move through there early this afternoon and look how quickly the water piled up. this is through downtown frederick and that is fairly deep. i mean that is a river running through. you can see here another picture sent in. my weather photo. it's obviously maybe 3, 4 inches of rain right there in that parking lot that accumulated and this is iphone video that we just received in frederick county. the frederick county area, definitely flash flooding through the streets of town there and this is a good opportunity to remind you, do not drive through the streets as they fill up with water because it can be dangerous and
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it can be dangerous in a hurry and sometimes you just can't tell how deep the water is. so let's be safe. i would encourage you to safely, if you want to take some pictures of some flooding, you can send them to us. you can post them on the website. we'll put them on the air and everybody will be there to view. again to recap, severe thunderstorm watch is in effect for everyone until 9:00 and flash flood watch in effect for everyone until 2:00 a.m. this is the heaviest wave moving through now. but later on, we'll have another moderate to heavy cell moving across the area. we'll keep you up to date on the latest watches and warnings and now we'll get it back to you. eventually i'll be back with a full forecast. glin credible pictures there. and speaking of incredible pictures. the space shuttle atlantis is now in orbit following a successful launch from cape canaveral, florida, just before 11:30 this morning. this is the final mission of nasa's 30 year space shuttle program. fox's craig boswell joins us in
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florida with more. craig, what an experience for you to be there. what's your reaction to being there in person, especially given the historic nature of all this. >> good everyoning. the reaction here was incredible as that picture perfect liftoff, the final liftoff of the space shuttle atlantis, not without drama, of course, when the timing stopped at 31 seconds. the count down stopped at 31 seconds. there was an audible grown from the crowd. all the photographers, everyone gathered to watch this launch. then a couple minutes later when they restarted that count down went from 30 to 29 and kept on going down and then just everyone just silent as the shuttle just lifted off. picture perfect. there was a break in the weather that timed out perfectly. we could see the shuttle close to a minute before it disappeared and that's amazing. we were here for endeavor back in may and it disappeared 20, 25 seconds. we had a great view.
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close to 750,000 people, maybe a million people here for this launch, certainly got everything they wanted and probably some more. laura. >> i was going to ask you when that clock stopped, what the suspense was like. people saw it where you were. yesterday we were talking about nasa meteorologist were giving it a 30% chance of taking off. 70% chance that it wasn't going to happen. so did people think, oh, is this it, it's not going to happen? >> that's exactly right. you see the countdown clock, we are now 5 1/2 hours into the mission w. that clock back there stuck at 31 seconds, like i said, there was an audible grown from this crowd because everyone was excited about this liftoff. that heightened the drama of this, because there was one tiny thing that needed to check. it was an oxygen vent arm that weren't sure if it retracted. they turned the camera down to make sure. they have an act window they have to launch. they wanted to launch at 11:26.
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at 11:31 the window was gone. they had 58 seconds left when atlantis took off. >> that is incredible that there was such a small window. i know there were a lot of tears from some of the coverage that i have seen. what was the reaction from the crowd there? i know people came from all over the world to witness this. there were so many people there. >> absolutely around the world. there's an attachment to this. i talked to so many people who had been to shuttle launches from the very first one back in 1981. that was a little two day trip for a shuttle. now here we are 30 days later, it's a 12 day mission. talked to people who was here the first time. it takes your breath away. i got choked up again. when you see this take off and feel that rumble and you see all of this technology and all of the accomplishments that we can put together when we work as a team, yeah, it is something that will take your breath away. >> i am hugely envious as you
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got to experience it. appreciate it. all right, for one group of people in our area, this last shuttle launch wasn't just personal, it was business at nasa's space center, employees gathered to watch atlantis blast off for this final mission. tom fitzgerald was there. and tom, this had to be an emotional day for them. >> it was special to be there with them. yesterday, we talked to the folks that were looking forward to this. today was the day. when you talk to these nasa employees, the word was bittersweet. goddard was an important part in the program. and you know, when they got in there today, there was a good mix of pride, but a good dose of sadness here as well as they watch the end of another era in space flight. >> minus 35. >> the employees at nasa's goddard space flight center have gathered to watch shuttle
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launches before. but never one with such a feel of finality. >> it was the reason i became an astromb astronomer. >> grew up to be an assistant director of science for nasa. >> the sheer inspiration is absolutely amazing. >> 75% of all shuttle missions flown a nasa goddard payload into space. this last mission was no exception. goddard built refueling robots that is currently on board atlantis. >> have done a lot of different things. the hobble mission to communication satellites to education payloads. >> finally, the moment arrived. zero and liftoff. the final liftoff of atlantis. >> for many, it's like saying good-bye to an old friend. >> it was amazing. i have a loss of words right now. i just witnessed the last space shuttle flight. >> it's a little bittersweet.
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i have been down for a couple launches and it's really exciting. >> someone asked if i would be willing to go up and i really would. >> atlantis' launch means the start of goddard's work in supporting this mission, but it is the final time you'll see a blastoff of a shuttle here. it's part of their jobs and lives. >> we need to go on to the next thing now. it's saying good-bye to an old friend. >> atlantis flexing its muscles one last time. >> in addition to that robot you just saw, nasa goddard is tasked with making sure all the voice and video communications between atlantis and mission control here on earth stay intact. circlearth and moving forward within the center is working on the new space capsules that the united states is developing to move these astronauts to and from earth and the space station. >> thank you very much for that report. we will continue to update you
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on nasa's final space mission. go to photo goally, plus the latest news. a man disupon daunt is accused of seeking revenge. police claim reggie spencer and two friends killed 61-year-old glenn scarborrow believing he was responsible for her worsening health. fox 5's paul wagner joins us live from the newsroom with the story. paul. >> glenn scarborrow was found june 19 inside his basement apartment with duct tape wrapped around his hands and mouth. he had been strangled, beaten, and stabbed. on the surface it looked like payback. d.c. police concluded that he was killed over a son's love for his mother and his believe the 61-year-old infected her with a sexually transmitted disease. according to the court affidavit filed in the case, glenn scarborrow and sharon spencer were dating.
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spencer had cancer and by mid june she was very sick. in fact, she had been hospitalized. according to the affidavit, reggie spencer went to visit his mom and his mother had been sexually assaulted and contracted an stl, it caused the cancer to worsen. furious over what he heard, police say spencer went to scarborrow's home to quote, get him. he took two of his friends. phillip swan and terrill wilson and together they put on blue hospital gloves and barged into scarborrow's basement home. according to the affidavit, one of the men, phillip swan admitted using duct tape to bind scarborrow's feet, mouth, and head. a friend found scarborrow's body on the 19th of june, a sunday. police say reggie spencer overheard the doctors talking on a saturday. >> d.c. police confirm sharon spencer died the same weekend scarborrow was found murdered.
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all three men live around culpeper, virginia. they were tracked down and arrested by the capital area regional fugitive task force. we reached out to scarborrow's father, but he declined to comment. all three men had an appearance in court today and all ordered held without bond. >> thank you. the woman accused of killing a coworker inside a bethesda lumulemon store was in court today. brittany norwood is charged with con count of murder in the death of jayna murray. prosecutors claim murray spotted stolen merchandise in norwood's bag. the next morning when the women were found, norwood told police that the women were beaten and raped by robbers. norwood's attorney says he is still investigating what kind of fense he's going to present. >> i think in a serious case like this, you have to explore every possibility. as you go along, you discover certain things in the case and
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our investigation is still continuing. we're looking into our client's background. >> norwood's trial is set for october. a day at the ballpark ends in tragedy for one family. it's a story that the entire country is talking about. one man's dive to catch a baseball went terribly wrong. we're live in dallas next. >> and is this just the beginning? arrest in the uk phone hacking scandal rocking the country, who is facing charges tonight? that's still ahead. >> keep it right here, fox5 news at 5:00 is coming right back. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
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a day at the ballpark for a father and son ended in tragedy at last night's texas rangers game. a man died after he fell over the railing in the outfield while trying to catch a foul ball in front of his six-year- old son. tonight the team is offering condolences. fox joins us live from arlington, texas, with more. lynn. >> reporter: the president and general manager of the team, nolan ryan, spoke just a few minutes ago to the press. he said this is one of the saddest things he has ever seen. he was at the game when this happened. he was notified by security when that man died and what made it so much more difficult for everyone was the man's six- year-old son was standing right next to him. in fact, cooper and stone were on their way to the rangers game from a town called
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brownwood which is two hours from here. they were coming here because they wanted to catch a foul ball. in fact, we have reports that the wife told nolan ryan they even stopped along the way so they could get a new glove for six-year-old cooper so he could catch a foul ball. they were trying to make, of course, lasting memories at the ballpark and nolan ryan spoke about that. he said that's one of the fondest memories he has with his kids, so this was one of the saddest things he has ever seen. the players are going to wear black ribbons on their uniforms. the flags are all at half staff tonight and going to be a moment of silence before the game for that fan. >> lynn, thank you very much for that report. such a sad, sad story. thank you. there's a lawsuit in the district right now aimed at giving dc residents access to guns. the supreme court struck down a ban on handguns in the district in 2008. but there aren't any retail gun dealers in the city and laws keep people from just crossing the border into virginia to buy a gun instead and that is the
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subject of this lawsuit. attorney allen gura is representing the second amendment foundation and dc resident, michelle lane in this lawsuit. allen, thanks for coming in tonight. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> where does this case stand right now? >> this case is pending in the court in alexandria, virginia, and expect to have a hearing next friday to determine the outcome. >> okay, what is -- to determine the outcome, when does this go to be heard? >> the hearing will take place next friday. we are going to ask the court for an injunction to prevent the government from enforcing indivisible prevent people from having access to handguns. >> that doesn't necessarily mean the decision is going to be made next week. >> we hope to get a decision fairly quickly. >> yesterday, kathy said that wal-mart could be one of the solutions to the city's current void for residents who wish to register handguns. what's your take on that? >> that would be wonderful if wal-mart wants to provide
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consumers with access to handguns, but the -- consumers with handguns to have access to handguns just as they have access to rifles or shotguns. if you are a district resident and want to buy a rifle, go to virginia and pick it up from the store, register with the dc police department and take it home. for whatever reason, you can't do that. you first have to ship it to somebody inside the district and only take possession from the dealer that doesn't currently exist. adds a lot of expense, a lot of extra time and hassle to which should be a much simpler consumer purchase. >> and this all came up in part when the only licensed gun dealer in the district lost his license making dc residents unable to buy a firearm in the district. if that dealer were to regain his license, again, sounds like you don't have plans to throw out this lawsuit. >> that's correct. that would be a step in the
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right direction. we would be happy if the district stopped making it so tough for people to operate gun stores in the district. however, that is not going to fully resolve the issue here. the issue here is we live in a country where people can go across state lines and as long as they aren't violating the law, they can buy and sell any product that they rleally entitled to have. we aren't asking anyone to be excused to comply with gun control laws. what we are seeking is the ability to go out and take possession of a handgun from my retailer who can lawfully sell you one otherwise. >> and you mentioned in part that your lawsuit also argues that federal constraints on state to state handgun transportation infringe on the second amendment and violates the fifth amendment, granding equal citizens, all citizens equal protection under the law. do you plan to pursue a case against virginia and the federal government? >> our case currently does address the federal government
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and virginia as well and we will continue to address all those defendants until they stop being a part of the problem. now i did ask the district's lawyers that if only the district were to drop its own version of the interstate handgun sales ban, we would be happy to let the district out of the lawsuit. i'm not sure that's what they have in mind. we will continue suing them. >> allen, we'll look forward to the next hearing. thanks very much. >> thank you. another shakeup in the phone hacking scandal centering around one of europe's most popular tabloid papers. police arrested former communications chief in connection to the scandal. workers were accused of paying police for information of thousands of people, that includes celebrities, politicians, and murder victims. news corps is the parent company of news of the world and fox 5. coming up on fox 5 news at 5:00, wet weather making its
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way across our area right now. how much rain can we expect overall? we're going to check in with gary next. not that long ago, many families were priced out of an overheated housing market. but the times have changed. get the facts at it's a great place to see all the listings in thousands of cities and towns. with lots of houses to chose from and down-to-earth prices the dream of owning a home seems more attainable than ever. find out what an experienced re/max agent can do for you. nobody sells more real estate than re/max. visit today.
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bad news on the economic front today. unemployment rose for the third consecutive month in june, sticking up to 9.2%. also troubling, hiring is at a virtual standstill. the u.s. only added 18,000 jobs last month. far below the 90,000 expected. president obama used the dismal report to urge congress to raise the government's borrowing limit. the president said congress could help the economy by passing free trade agreement, approving projects that would create jobs for construction workers and extending a payroll tax cut. >> the day started off okay. >> yes, and then the rain came. >> yes, and then the rain came and the pictures, my goodness, we were talking about that earlier. gary, those are incredible pictures, some high water in frederick. >> that happened quickly. just to show you how heavy
5:25 pm
these rains are coming out of these storms tonight. a few more warnings have been issued. go to radar and let me talk about the warnings. we have new warnings for fairfax county. fairfax you're out of this one, even though you still have a warning. charles county, prince georges county, anne arundel county, down into stafford county and prince william, if i didn't say that already, and technically fauquier county still under thunderstorm warnings. several counties to the north still under flash flood warnings. look at this very, very heavy rain. you see the red and the oranges coming on across and that is indicative of as much as 3 inches of rain per hour. the good news here, these storms are moving along the east at 30 miles per hour and they are putting down a lot of rain, as much as an inch and a half already reported by doppler radar in some of these areas. let me show you as we zoom in tighter towards upper marlboro, which seems to be under the heaviest of the rain right now. a big area of rain and a big
5:26 pm
area of red there too. this is going to happen for another hour or so. over to true view real quick. i want to show you counties under the thunderstorm warning. these are the yellow counties i was talking about. specifically charles county, anne arundel county, calvert county and prince william county. that will go until 6:00 and numerous, including montgomery county and the district that is under -- give me one second to get through this real quick if i can. montgomery county, 6:30. the district is under a flash flood warning until 8:00 p.m. up to howard county until 6:30 p.m. and carol county is still under one as well and frederick county until 6:30 p.m. again, they mean business. there's some reports of as much as 2 to 3 feet of water over roadways in anne arundel county. we'll be dealing with this for the next couple of hours. this is the first wave. we have another wave coming overnight. more details coming up in a bit. laura. >> thanks very much. allegations of cheating in dc schools launched a full scale investigation. >> ting a
5:27 pm
closer look at how students are performing. that is coming up next. and it's no secret arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver are headed for divorce court. are they ready to settle their estate? you might be surprised who gets what when fox 5 news at 5:00 continues. 
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this is fox 5 news at 5:00. dc public schools are out tonight. there is some good news and bad news. elementary school students scores are flat while secondary students are doesn'tly getting higher and higher test scores. john is here with more on the results. john. >> this is a glass half empty, glass half full kind of story and a big question about the have validy. >> the regular public school system in d.c. is under the control of the mayor. that started under adrian
5:31 pm
fenty, but current mayor vincent gray supported that key change. >> i indicated that i have a complete and total commitment to education reform and hopefully that has been evident over the past several months. >> mayor fenty brought in michelle reid who got rid of hundreds of teachers she felt were under performing. so how have test scores faired? over the last five years, elementary reading proficiency scores went up, but then declined in 2010 and declined again in 2011. math scores among elementary students also went up until 2009 and have since come back down, although not as far down as they were before the michelle reid era. the gains have been much more consistent among secondary school students in both reading scores and in math scores. middle and high school students in dc seem to be showing greater proficiency each year.
5:32 pm
current chancellor kentucky yay henderson believes reform is working. >> 7th and 8th grade math scores, math and reading scores have increased every year since 2007 and they have doubled in math. >> does that mean michelle reid was right to fire hundreds of teachers? not according to the president of the washington teacher's union who pointed to the deflated elementary scores in both reading and in math after many teachers were removed. >> in order to succeed in education environment, kids familiarity with their teachers is an asset. it's not a liability. it's an asset. so that is probably one of the reasons why you saw the decline. >> there's one more issue about dc standardized test scores. a yearlong investigation by the newspaper, u.s.a. today revealed a high rate of erasers and changing of answers from the 2009 test particularly. could someone have monkeyed with the tests to boost the
5:33 pm
scores? both dc inspector general and the u.s. department of education are now investigating. it is unclear when those probes will be completed. >> john, the charter schools in d.c. are public schools. did their students get tested and how did the charter schools do? >> charter schools are public schools, but independent of the administration system must test every year. they did better. they started higher and they ended higher and the march upward has been consistent. no bump in 2009. some people would argue that parents send their kids to charter schools because they have to go through a few hoops to get them in are more motivated and that's why charter students might be doing better. national studies show not much difference between urban schools, charter, and public. but right now in dc for the last five years, the charter schools are looking better. >> thank you for that report. lots to talk about with test scores and this investigation into some of the results. joining us now to have a discussion about that is d.c.
5:34 pm
state superintendent of education, thank you for coming in and talking with us tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> let's talk about those latest test scores. what is your reaction to the new numbers? >> as a former math teacher and the parent of a child who attends a public school in the district of columbia, i'm very encouraged. mathematics is a gateway subject to many of the things we all want for our children. so there is something to be very enthusiastic and excited about. >> now you also heard in john's report about those allegations of some changing of some scores and erasers. your reaction to those allegations and the investigation? >> we heard the allegations. at the state level, we do not have evidence of system wide cheating. as the mayor said earlier, we support the investigations and we hope that they will conclude quickly so we can remove all doubt. but we do have evidence that our test scores are climbing across the board in the state and we recognize that more
5:35 pm
needs to be done, but progress is being made. >> now as far as security is concerned, after these tests, are there measures that have been put in place or will be put in place to make sure that if there was some sort of cheating scandal or grade changes to make those scores go up, that measure has been put in place to make sure that doesn't happen again. >> absolutely. we have stringent test security rules and added new things this year. we doubled the number of monitors in the schools during the test administration. >> also i want to ask you, some people are going to be concerned about this. this has been a big story here at fox 5. how can you assure people that this kind of thing won't happen in the district again and people won't have to go through this? >> are you referring to -- >> i'm talking about the investigation into the test scores and the changing and that type of thing. >> you know, it's really interesting and sexy for folks to talk about cheating and to perhaps not believe that we are really seeing the progress that
5:36 pm
we are. so i can assure you that we are doing everything that we can to ensure the validity of the test results. we look forward to the results of the investigation because we want to remove all doubt. our teachers are working really hard and our students are doing the same thing and we want to prove that that is the case. >> one last question. have they given you any indication on when this investigation may be complete? >> not at this time. >> all right. thank you very much for coming in and talking with us. >> thank you. >> more people looking for work. the targets of a cyber attack. coming up next what the washington post is doing to keep its job site secure. plus grab the tissues for this one. a dc native on the mission of a lifetime. how he'll throw a pitch from every major ball field in the country when fox 5 news at 5:00 rolls on. [ mr. clopper ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does... good morning chickens!
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hackers at it again, hit washington post job site this time, targeting the job accounts of more than a million users. the hackers got ahold of users id's and e-mails, but information in the accounts remain secure, they say. the hackers did strike twice last month. it quickly shut down the breeches. police are now investigating. the newest technology for electronic books is on display at the world's largest e book expo. in tokyo, more than 150 companies are showing off their trend. if you pay, you can then down load an e book from the machine. it will give you a receipt with a code to down load the books to a phone. >> interesting. modern technology, never ceases to amaze me.
5:41 pm
a serious round of wet weather. >> it's going to be real wet. will the weekend be a washout? gary's full forecast is coming up next. plus arnold and maria is calling it quits. so it's time to divy up the assets. that is coming up next when fox 5 news at 5:00 cú÷
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it's not every day you get 45 hall of famers from multiple sports in one spot. that's exactly what happened this weekend in landsdown, virginia. lindsey murphy is here to tell us why. >> they come every year to participate in bobby mitchell's hall of fame golf classic, which has little to do with golf and much more to do with saving lives. dave ross has the story. >> 21 years, 45 hall of famers, one common goal.
5:45 pm
since 1990, redskins legends bobby mitchell has been holding his charity golf championship in an effort to raise money for >> 18 hall of famers, that's 10 more than i have seen everywhere. they were asking me, how are you getting here? they bought into what we were trying to do. athletes are about young folks. that's all i had going. >> golf is merely a backdrop here at the bobby mitchell hall of fame classic because for these great athletes, it's still about winning, but today it's about winning at the game of life. >> the competition that, what can i do more? how can i help more? that was the first phone call i got from bobby, inviting me to his tournament. you can't tell bobby no. >> one of this year's heros is taylor long. an 11-year-old from maryland who was diagnosed with leukemia
5:46 pm
in 2008. now with the help of funds raised by tournaments from this one, taylor is cancer free. >> when i was in the hospital, i was like my dad said, i didn't want to talk to my friends because i thought they wouldn't be able to handle it and i didn't want to see them going through what i went through. and going through cancer made me stronger than i used to be. >> i think the hall of famers, you know, bring a certain amount of credibility to the cause. a lot of people like you saw bobby saying there, when you put your name to something, you got to show up and the fact they show up for taylor, for the cause to fight cancer, it's just great. >> with the help of his hall of fame friends, mitchell's tournament raised lots of money. chris hamburger feel honored to
5:47 pm
be here. >> when you see these young people, i mean these diseases can affect any age group. when you see these young kids, it's heartbreaking. >> with the help of some of the greatest athletes of all time, taylor is looking forward to being a cancer-free 6th grader. >> i miss my friends and wondering what they thought and it really just stunk. >> in landsdown, virginia, dave ross, fox 5 sports. thank you, ross. bobbymy bobby mitchell will be there in virginia. it is open to the public. gallery tickets available for $5. you can brush shoulders with some of the all-time greats and all for a good cause. >> she was great, wasn't she? i love her honesty. she's 11 years old and she has already been through more than a lot of us. >> he is thinking of that, very nice. all right well how about this?
5:48 pm
an opportunity of a lifetime for a dc native who was overcoming a lifetime of challenges. take a look at this. tom willis was born with no arms. he is a huge baseball fan and he has perfected the art, as you can see, of throwing a ball using his feet. he recently had the opportunity to throw out the first ceremonial first pitch at a red sox game. that was the quest to throw out the first pitch at every ball park in the country. >> i had to learn how to do everything with my legs and my feet. even to pitching a baseball. my number one goal live my life to be the best person i could be, not the best disabled person i could be. >> oh, awesome. awesome guy. tom did use prosthetics as a child, but ditched those and decided he just wanted to embrace who he is. amazing. i mean you know, it puts it into perspective and a guy that can overcome something like that, good for him.
5:49 pm
>> and a good attitude for him. he set these goals for himself and i'm going to do it regardless of my condition. >> we need these life lessons every day. two great stories back to back. >> exactly. all right gary. bring the good news. >> i do have some good news. initially this looks like the first heavy rain band moving through. and it may be the only one that ends up moving through. we are getting drying now back to the west and northwest. doesn't mean we are out of the woods with the rain. we have heavy rain, too, that is moving across the area. in terms of what we are seeing, i am going to do something on the radar here. turn something off so we will be able to not be consumed by that. switch on over to radar for me because i have it looking down here where the heaviest of the rain is. waldorf getting heavy rain. this whole line of red here, intense rain. maybe as much as 3 inches per
5:50 pm
hour and this could drop as much as an inch or two of rain as it moves through. now there's a concentration right here. you see all this blinking lightning. this concentration of lightning. this is by far where we are getting the strongest storm right now and i do know for a fact that right in here, right around clinton now if we were to zoom down a little bit, we would find clinton underneath rotation. it's upper level rotation. we do know this is rotating now and as it continues to move on off to the east, watch this very, very closely to see if some of that rotation begins to get closer. we already had a couple of tornado warnings further down to the southwest, but we know these storms start rotating could potentially try to develop some sort of tornado. again preliminary right now, but i know in the upper levels of this particular storm, it is rotating and all of this concentration of lightning here, not only is lightning just dangerous because some of this is touching the ground, but that is the strongest area
5:51 pm
here, otherwise very heavy rain with some very, very gusty winds, potentially up higher than 60 miles per hour. i have not gotten any damage reports from wind, but we have had some of that earlier and all of this is severe as it continues to march to the east. it cleared the district though. switch over for me if you can to the larger view on viper. i want to show you this. back out to the west and northwest, this one line is moving through and getting a lot of drying. i don't think we are completely out of the woods. we will have some more showers and thunderstorms. i want to watch this coming out of west virginia. this charleston cell because it continues to move on off to the east and if it moves north a little more, some of that heavy rain could clip us late this evening. but what we're seeing right here is drying and that's good newses. if this continues for the next few hours, i think at least the heavy threat is gone. at least for the evening and the overnight hours. that would be good. we had enough flooding out there and we have gotten plenty of rain. now over to our true view
5:52 pm
system to show you. the green here, the active flash flood warning for frederick county, montgomery county, carol county, hartford county and baltimore county, as well as prince georges county and anne arundel county. i do suspect before this is all said and done, charles county and back over to calvert county and maybe even st. mary's county, you'll end up with a flash flood warning too with that heavy, heavy rain moving across and then for calvert county, for charles county, anne arundel county, st. mary's county and prince georges county, you are under a severe thunderstorm warning and that's going to go until 6:30 tonight and then they'll reevaluate. but probably be crossing over the bay and then we have more warnings back up to the north and to the west. so what are we thinking here? you can see this all moving to the east and thank goodness it continues to move to the east. technically in effect until 2:00 a.m. some may come down earlier if we continue this drying trend. thunderstorm watch in effect
5:53 pm
until 9:00. some of that back out to the west might come down earlier, too, as we continue this situation as well. overnight tonight, showers and thunderstorms possible with more moderate rain. 73 degrees for a low. winds will be out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour and this is the forecast for tomorrow. still a chance for a spotty shower out there early early and then we're going to clear out and dry out and we're going to heat up. high testimony up to 88. beautiful on sunday, but warm, 92 and then we're going to end up with 94 degrees on monday, tuesday, and then it looks like a nice little brief refreshment of cooler dry air coming in. >> okay. we can deal with that. >> let me switch over here and see if anything has changed. i'm a little bit curious about that storm. i'm looking over there. i don't have time. it won't switch over. everything is good to go right now. >> we can see it from over there. >> i'm trying to keep up with everything. a couple new warnings across the bay though. >> thanks gary.
5:54 pm
>> all right, back to the news. the royal newlyweds are on their way to l.a. prince william and kate should arrive in two hours at lax. they spent the last few days touring canada. on saturday, they will attend the polo match and the star studded dinner. paparazzi has been warned that police will not tolerate overly aggressive attempts to catch the royal couple. we are learning details in the divorce settlement between arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. shriver is said to be in the process of buying a $10 million home just three miles away so she can be close to the kids. no word on how the couple will divide the $400 million in assets. they did not sign a prenup. shriver filed for divorce one week ago after filing for divorce. time sure flies when you are fighting and studying.
5:55 pm
ten years ago emma watson, and rupert were little kids when they wept to their first movie premier. in this photo from last night's premier of harry potter and the deadly hallows part two, you can see they are all grown up. pretty amazing. radcliffe who plays harry potter was 12 when the first movie came out. >> all right, coming up on the news edge at 6:00, strong storms sweeping through the area, creating lots of problems out there. roads are flooded and some people are getting stuck in their cars. the latest at the top of the hour. plus, two firefighters who were injured in a fire allegedly set by an arsonist are telling their story of survival. it's a story you'll see only on fox 5. >> and an air force major is buried at arlington national more than 40 years after he went missing in action. we'll tell you the emotional service on the news edge. consumers today have a legitimate concern about the chicken they eat.
5:56 pm
they want to know more about how they were raised, what they were fed. we spend a lot of time on the feed because a chicken is what it eats. [ jim ] this seal verifies we feed my fresh all-natural chickens an all-vegetarian diet including corn, soybeans, and marigolds. we actually ask the usda to come check us. we have never fed steroids or hormones and never will. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
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5:59 pm
this is fox 5 news edge at 6:00. we begin tonight with a weather alert. the radar is lit up tonight as heavy downpours ripped the region. we have already seen flooding in some spots. let's jump right into the forecast with gary mcgray di. he is in the weather center with the latest. >> thanks a lot. still watching this cluster of severe thunderstorms dropping very, very heavy rain. going over to radar for us and see not much different than what it was a few minutes ago, but we were talking about this potential of a little bit of upper level rotation. upper level rotation not a big deal in a sense, but if it gets lower than we have a problem. we zoom in for you because i want to concentrate the area of concern here. chesapeake beach, it looks like this area of rotation is now
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